Press Release: CleverAnalytics Received a Seed Investment from MindForge

The partnership will help the company to speed up development of a unique analytical tool to succeed with on foreign markets.

The seed invetment from MindForge Group, to which CleverAnalytics belongs, is aimed at accelerating development of a product by CleverAnalytics. Thanks to the investment CleverAnalytics plan to launch the product as early as the the third quarter of this year.

There are other resources from MindForge directed to conquering foreign markets, especially in England and Germany. They are aimed at gaining the first reference customers, establishing the product successfully on the demanding markets, as well as the company as a provider of a functional solution. The ultimate goal is year 2019, when CleverAnalytics plan to expand abroad. CleverAnalytics are developing a cloud platform for Location Intelligence (i.e. part of Business Intelligence ecosystem). It is an analytical tool which combines location data, freely accessible data and customer transaction data and creates/produces/results in unique views of a company‘s business/business processes.

CleverAnalytics has gained over 40 customers. Their clients are retail chain stores, e-commerce companies, banks, insurance companies, and utility. Among CleverAnalytics‘s clients are Česká spořitelna bank, or Teta drugstore chain.

Prague, March 15, 2017

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