Give Business Intelligence Back to Business People

Can you imagine an analytical tool in your browser that would help to get answers to all complicated business questions, that starts with ”where” while you don’t have to learn how to use it?

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been helping clients from retail, omnichannel, banking, insurance and food and grocery delivery get answers to the most common location-based business questions: “Where do our most valuable customers work?” “Where do the customers that use our branches and ATMs live?” as well as many other questions critical to business development.

Business decision-makers have insufficient access to information

We have the first-hand experience of seeing how effective and beneficial our Location Intelligence platform is when the analysis is carried out by the person who manages the business – in other words, by the person who knows it best. No more protracted delivery of analysis from GIS experts and data analysts, who, although highly-skilled in their own areas of expertise, often have little understanding of the business backgrounds that make up the cases they analyse.

The sad reality is that only 25% of business decision-makers have access to the key information that helps them make everyday business decisions. The main reason for this is the inadequacy of most BI tools. As well as being too complicated to use and overcrowded by dashboards and non-specific metrics, most BI tools take far too long to deliver their analysis, which discourages businesses from ever using them again.

Location is the new “Holy Grail” for Business Intelligence

Although nowadays most of our lives are spent online, the physical location of people, places and goods still matters. 80% of business data sources contain location information, which is the key for connecting different data sets. No wonder then that $2,563 billion a year is spent on the Location Intelligence industry market.

Today’s average medium- or large-sized company operating in the B2C and B2B sectors has to deal with an inordinate and ever-growing quantity of data on customers, orders, loyalty programmes, sold goods, tariffs, delivery times, delays, shops, pick-up locations and branches. With the rapid advance in mobile technology and IoT and ever-increasing accessibility to open data, a number of appealing opportunities are now available to companies looking to capitalise on their business growth. But as we’ve learned, just because a manager has access to data on a company server doesn’t mean that that data will be used effectively.

What the CleverAnalytics platform brings to your business analysis

With our new Location Intelligence platform, you can now make better and faster decisions by getting an accurate and comprehensive picture of your business data using maps and smooth workflow analysis – the CleverAnalytics platform by CleverAnalytics.

The CleverAnalytics platform offers all the practical features of a truly actionable BI tool with a strong focus on Location Intelligence. Our Location Intelligence platform boasts:

  • A user-friendly interface for both business end-users and decision-makers
  • Instant delivery via either your internet browser or cloud data storage
  • Easy to understand data display thanks to mapping visualisation
  • Optimised for deep drill and slice in data – once you have the data you can look at it from every angle

It only takes four minutes to set up your project using our platform, allowing you to easily understand and assess your data and tailor it to your requirements. Want to find out how it works? Just hit the play button in our video tutorial.

If you’re interested in finding out more technical details about the new version of the CleverAnalytics platform, check out our other blog posts.

Specialised solutions for a range of industry and business cases

A major plus when starting out with a new BI tool is having access to predefined dashboards for different cases. First, you want to start analysing the case and not waste time on working out how to display data. Second, a banking solution is very different to a food delivery solution. That’s why you need to see the right metrics in a way that applies to your specific business situation.

Our approach is to show only the main metrics and KPIs for resolved business cases. We provide 11 industry-specific solutions – each with its own dashboards for all business cases and industry KPIs:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • E-commerce and omnichannel
  • Food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Energy
  • Utility
  • Healthcare
  • Governance
  • Smart cities

Unlimited users

When it comes to team cooperation and the number of users that are permitted access to BI tools, attention naturally turns to subscription costs. Usually the philosophy of “the more users the higher the price” holds true. That is absolutely not the case with CleverAnalytics. We believe in data democratisation among organisations, which means that with CleverAnalytics you have an unlimited number of user platforms.

Subscription to the CleverAnalytics platform is based on the number of unique customers in your datasets. The more customers the organisation has the higher the subscription.

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