Get Ready, Aim, Fire! Hit the Right Target Group and… Expand

Smart phones probably won’t be a big hit in nursing homes and vineyard owners will not appreciate new product against hops mold. To make your product successful you need to know who is your target audience.

Although these examples are a little superficial, they illustrate the importance of well-chosen target groups. All our marketing activities should be focused on our target customers. They are the ones who are interested in our product, even if they don’t know it yet.

The basic rule is you can’t aim at the whole market. As in target shooting you are also trying to aim as much at the centre as possible. You just need to know how to find your target.

Target groups are most often determined by identifying common characteristics, such as:

  • customer behavior

  • interests

  • lifestyle

  • and most importantly socio-demographic data.

Know your customers and find out where others are waiting

CleverAnalytics will help you with uncovering the socio-demographic data. You can focus on your target group based on residence or anticipated movement.

And we go even further. If you know the address of your customers, CleverAnalytics reveals locally represented age groups, the economically active population, household types, and much more. You will get a good overview of how many potentiall customers live there and what are their patterns.

Target group + Potential = Expansion

We recently wrote about how important it is to know the potential market and relatedly if your catchment area is “fished-out”. Today we add to that equation the target audience. And the result? You can expand. We don’t mean just opening a new store, but also expansion of trade or new marketing campaign.

Carefully placed billboard or advertisement on the correct bus stop can bring the target group right at your doorstep.

How it looks

Imagine you run a gym in Brno and most of your clients are young men who work in the office. Thanks to the data from CleverAnalytics you find that single men aged 28-40 years live all around the town, but many of them work in the nearby technology park.

If you want to hit the target group, you have a very good chance here. In addition, your gym is located on the route of tram 12, which passes through here. Then it’s just a step to rent advertising space and other marketing activities that will lead to increased traffic for your gym.

Any idea how you can use similar data to address your target groups as well?

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