Datafest 2018

It took almost three years of waiting before we could attend the second Datafest in Hradec Kralove, but now we can say it was definitely worth waiting. The event is organized by BizzTreat, a company specializing on advanced data processing and analytics, and attended by variety of business and data analysts, top- to mid- management of wide range of companies and basically anyone interested into data.

A great day dedicated to data and inspiration

This year's schedule was pretty similar to the previous one - the Business track with presentations on a range of data-related topics started on Friday morning, followed by data hackathon in the evening. Compared to Datafest 2015, the Hackathon was shortened to twenty hours, thus ended on Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, the main programme was extended by data science workshops and an intensive data course called “DataGirls”, organised by Czechitas.

This year was a little bit special for our team, as this time we could finally provide our CleverAnalytics platform to all other hackers, ready to guide them through all necessary setups and give them our full support. Apart from supporting hackers using the platform, we luckily had some spare time to dig into some available weather data and wanted to find out if (and how) the weather affects the way people order food or buy sandwiches using delivery services. Although our CleverAnalytics team haven’t found any correlation between the two, they had some great time working with the data anyway.

There were plenty fascinating projects solved during the hackathon, and we would like to point out the one that we think is the most interesting - a project from the aLook team. aLook guys have processed food delivery data from, added customer reviews downloaded using APIFY and analyzed sentiment of the reviews with Geneea. Then they combined the results together with Keboola Connection, loaded those to our CleverAnalytics platform and extended with some custom-made charts and reports. This is an incredible example of how Czech SaaS tools can be used together to achieve amazing things.

Datafest 2018 was awesome event that endorsed our faith that data analysis is the future of business. Last but not least, thanks to the non-profit nature of the event, some of the organizers and partners donated extra money to projects such as Hlidac statu or Czechitas. Thumbs up, and see you next time!

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