CleverAnalytics on WebSummit 2017

CleverAnalytics took part in WebSummit conference, that was held from 6th to 9th November 2017 in Lisbon. The czech startup was one of the 33 startups that were carefully chosen and given an opportunity to present in front of startup contest panel consisted of managers from Facebook, Microsoft, Slack, and more. Attendees of the conference had not only an opportunity to see the pitch but also could come by in Startup Alley where Clever Analytics showed its platform in its stands.

The Only Czech Startup in Startup Contest

Startup contest on the WebSummit conference includes 200 competing startup companies which competes at two levels. Alpha level is ready for startup companies in the early stage and for many of them it is a big honour to be at this contest level.

CleverAnalytics was qualified to the Beta level. Beta level is intended for 33 startup companies that are at more advanced business level. CleverAnalytics was the only Czech startup company competing within this WebSummit contest and also qualified to this limited selection. It is a huge success for us to be in this chosen group of companies.

Ondřej Tomas, CleverAnalytics´s CEO, presented 3 minutes pitch in front of the jury and big audience. His presentation was addressed to thousands of contest attendees and some consultants from business intelligence industry or especially food delivery industry expressed interest in product right after Ondřej Tomas´s pitch presentation.

Technology Exhibition in Startup Alley

A big part of WebSummit is devoted to Exhibition of technology companies. It is one of the  biggest technology exhibition worldwide with roughly 60 000 attendees. CleverAnalytics had its own stand there. Everyone, who visited us could discover, try our location intelligence platform and see box solutions for industries like retail, food delivery, grocery delivery and retail banking.

We believe, that CleverAnalytics will come do WebSummit next year and will get to the semi-final of the Startup Contest.

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